4 Reasons My To-Do List Sucks and Yours Might Too

To-Do List Headline image. Creative Commons, photo by john.schultz (https://www.flickr.com/photos/29853404@N03/)

As a project manager, I find it difficult to balance my time between project tasks, project management tasks, functional tasks, and supervisory tasks.  Until recently, I thought a to-do list was a silver bullet for my lagging productivity.  Surely if I just write down all my tasks and check them off as I complete them, I’ll start getting everything done – right?

Not so much. After trying all kinds of different applications, sticky notes, and iPhone apps, I finally realized something – my to-do list sucks.  Obviously a list of things to do isn’t going to help – it’s just a list of things!  A to-do list is like a siren that sings a sweet song promising productivity, but crashes your ship.

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