Focus on Micro Skills to Improve Your Meetings

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Meetings are a stage upon which we get to demonstrate our competencies and leadership.  Meetings are important for shared communication, group work, and effecting cultural change.   And yet, meetings are almost universally hated.  When researching a guide on running meetings, almost every article either offered the same tired advice (as if using an agenda is a novel idea!), or challenged the reader to not schedule meetings in the first place.

What if I told you that people hate meetings because we’re doing them wrong? 

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4 Reasons My To-Do List Sucks and Yours Might Too

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As a project manager, I find it difficult to balance my time between project tasks, project management tasks, functional tasks, and supervisory tasks.  Until recently, I thought a to-do list was a silver bullet for my lagging productivity.  Surely if I just write down all my tasks and check them off as I complete them, I’ll start getting everything done – right?

Not so much. After trying all kinds of different applications, sticky notes, and iPhone apps, I finally realized something – my to-do list sucks.  Obviously a list of things to do isn’t going to help – it’s just a list of things!  A to-do list is like a siren that sings a sweet song promising productivity, but crashes your ship.

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Use an event boundary to help you finish tasks

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Balancing a large list of tasks and goals is hard to do.  We think we’re good at multitasking, but scientific research tells us otherwise.  For project managers, managing even one project requires balancing goals, constraints, and tasks.  Add another project, and the mental effort required to prioritize and balance goals and tasks explodes!  Staying focused is incredibly difficult when balancing and prioritizing so many goals and tasks.  I’ve started using an event boundary as part of my daily planning, and my task completion rate and focus have drastically improved.  Here’s how you can use an event boundary to improve your focus and productivity.

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