Focus on Micro Skills to Improve Your Meetings

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Meetings are a stage upon which we get to demonstrate our competencies and leadership.  Meetings are important for shared communication, group work, and effecting cultural change.   And yet, meetings are almost universally hated.  When researching a guide on running meetings, almost every article either offered the same tired advice (as if using an agenda is a novel idea!), or challenged the reader to not schedule meetings in the first place.

What if I told you that people hate meetings because we’re doing them wrong? 

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Introvert’s Guide To Running Meetings

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Running a meeting can be a nerve-wracking experience. As an introvert, I’m usually the person listening and asking the gentle questions to integrate disparate ideas. This style works well for low-stakes meetings where I just one of the attendees.  When I’m running a meeting, I need to adopt a different strategy.  I’ve developed a few tips for myself that help me prepare for and be comfortable with running a meeting.

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