Easily Earn and Claim PMP PDU Credits For Free

Recently, I successfully passed my PMP application audit and passed the PMP certification exam. (I wrote about those experiences, if you’d like to read some tips on studying and preparing, or some advice on filling out the PMP application and successfully pass an audit.)  After passing the exam, my first question of course was – what’s up with these PMP PDU credits, how do I earn them, and how do I report them?

After doing some research, I discovered I could earn PMP PDU credits for free, doing something I already love doing – listening to podcasts.  Even better, I could easily claim those podcasts as PMP PDU credits by searching for the podcast episode titles.

Not sure what a podcast is?  Here’s some great beginner info from DigitalTrends on what podcasts are and how to listen to them.

Earn free PMP PDU credits by listening to podcasts.

There are several podcasts that offer free PMP PDU credits just by listening to the episodes.  Here are three that I really enjoy listening to:

  • Manage This by Velociteach. I only recently discovered this one, and I’m currently listening to all the previous episodes.  I love the round-table approach, with one moderator and two self-professed “project nerds.” They often also invite guests, and the questions they ask those guests are fantastic.  I don’t just learn from these episodes, I discover things that are practical and immediately applicable.
  • People and Projects Podcast. I’ve been listening to this one for a while.  I’m really impressed with the host’s interviewing skills, his ability to distill complex concepts into actionable things I can apply to my projects, and the wide variety of guests he interviews.  I also appreciate the host’s vulnerability – he often shares difficulties he personally faces, and how he overcomes or moves past those difficulties.
  • The PM Podcast.  I like this podcast – the host has a great easygoing attitude, and the topics are often interesting.  If I’m being honest, I will listen to the other two over this one – I just seem to learn more, and learn something new and applicable more often, with the other two than with this one.
Easily claim PMP PDU credits after listening to podcast episodes.

Each of the three podcasts above have instruction pages on claiming PMP PDU credits.  There’s basically two different methods – the super easy way, and the just-a-tad-harder way.

The process for reporting PMP PDU credits for the Manage This podcast is super easy when it comes to claiming PDU credits.  Their instruction page walks you through the steps, which basically follow this order:

  1. Visit the Manage This podcast episode list, then click the link for the episode you listened to – for instance, episode 23 on Managing the Unexpected was a fantastic episode with a lot of takeaways for me.
  2. Find the “PMI Activity ID” and copy it:
    Screenshot of Manage This podcast episode.
  3. Log in to your PMI CCRS dashboard, click “Activities” on the left, paste the text you copied from the step above into the search bar, and click “Search Activities” on the left. Paste the Activity ID you copied from the previous step into the search bar, and click Search. The podcast episode will show up as a pre-registered activity – find and click the “Report PDU for this activity” link:
    log in to PMI dashboard, click Activity on the left, paste Manage This podcast episode Activity ID in search bar, click search, click report PDU for this activity link
  4. You’ll notice most of the form for claiming the PMP PDU credit is already filled out, including the PDU’s claimed per PMP Talent Triangle. Fill out the Date Started and Date Ended, tick the box that the claim is accurate, and click submit.  Easy peasy!!

The process is a little different for claiming PMP PDU credits for the other two podcasts, and requires filling out the claim form manually.  IMPORTANT: when reporting PDUs manually, remember what the CCRS Handbook says about reporting PDU credit for activities that are under an hour in length:

Fractions of PDUs may also be reported. The smallest increment of a PDU that can be reported is 0.25. This means that if you spent 15 minutes participating in a qualifying PDU activity, you may report 0.25 PDU. If you spend 30 minutes in a qualifying PDU activity, you may report 0.50 PDU.CCRS Handbook pg 10
  1. Log in to your PMI CCRS dashboard, click Report PDUs on the left side, and click Online or Digital Media.
  2. View the instructions site for the podcast you’re reporting for instructions on how to fill out the form:
  3. While these two podcasts don’t pre-register their episodes as activities, they do provide a spreadsheet with the Talent Triangle PDU credits figured out for you:
  4. Copy and paste the Provider, Title, and Description from the instruction page linked above; enter the Talent Triangle PDU credits as indicated in the spreadsheet linked above (and round as you need to, in case the spreadsheet doesn’t do that for you), and click Submit.

Do you have a favorite project management podcast I didn’t mention?  Do you have other free resources for earning PMP PDU credits? We’d love to hear about them – leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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